The School Care Team works alongside schools to nurture cultures of care by encouraging teachers and supporting student well-being through responsive training and strategic coaching.  

We provide a curated menu of program and professional development experiences for students, staff, faculty, administrators, and parents so that the network of safety and care built to surround youth continues to strengthen and support student wellbeing.
Our programs are strengths-based and encourage safety, belonging, and connectedness.


Students Served

Adults Served


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The support of this group is amazing...thank you for giving educators a safe place to connect and de-stress"

-Amanda Eads

This is the most engaged our students have been all week. We look forward to you coming because you are organized and they are up and active doing hands-on activities."

- Jintida
Educator, Growing Minds

"This is a TOUGH crowd. I know teachers can be difficult to train... This morning they left encouraged and speaking very highly of our time together. This was by far the best training we've ever had."

Goshen Sources of Strength School