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The School Care Team works alongside schools to nurture cultures of care by encouraging teachers and supporting student well-being through responsive training and strategic coaching.  
Color Bombs


...a curated menu of professional development experiences for students, staff, faculty, administrators, and parents so that the network of safety and care built to surround youth continues to strengthen and support student wellbeing.

Ready for School

"The School Care team is doing work that will change the trajectories of our students for generations to come." 

- Casey Claypool,
United Way of Allen County

Teenage Schoolboy

"Your organization has been the best thing to happen for us in a long time.  Thanks for the support!"

-Suzy Ulmer
Alyssum Montessori

"This was by far the best training we've ever had."

Goshen Sources of Strength School

Back to School

"Really enjoyed their presentation in Owning Our Well-Being. Lots of useful takeaways.”

- Dmitri Gholston
Program Facility Coordinator

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation
Community Youth Centers

Growth Journey

The School Care Team helps school districts build strong foundations for MTSS pyramids.

Our team specializes in Tier 1 growth.

We help school districts identify the systems that are already in place and then help school leaders leverage what your district is doing well with evidence-based initiatives and community resources so that teachers and students benefit from a robust Multi-Tiered System of Support.

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