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Change is Challenging

School leaders know that strong mental health is essential for student achievement. In order to learn, students need to feel safe and secure.

The School Care Team understands that attending to mental health and emotional wellbeing can be unfamiliar in a school setting. 

Our team follows change theory structure to guide districts toward success. 

The first step is all about communication. We'd like to get to know you and hear about your district's goals and vision. What do you see as strengths and what opportunities are still untapped?


The Process: Steps to Change 

A Strong Vision

Data from your district is used to understand what is going well, and what can improve. 

A vision statement is defined.

Communication is framed by strength and positivity.

Outcome: Partners are identified and change at a systems level begins. 

Raise Expectations

Success to this point raises expectations and hope for the future. 

Early adopter educators are noticed and emulated. The work starts to embed itself in the educational culture. 

Students share successes.

Parents experience and share success.

Outcome: Teachers, students, and community members begin to set new goals for the future.


Professional development facilitated by the School Care Team increases the district's knowledge of mental health and emotional well-being for all.

Everyone is involved!

Emotional intelligence grows when the whole school community learns.


Outcome: Knowledge of purpose and practice is increased across the district.

Share Insight

The School Care Team, along with our professional evaluator, collects and reviews feedback alongside staff and school leaders. 

The Team is ready to help you develop a strategy for constant improvement and...

Celebrate success!

Outcome: Conversations are shared to identify strengths and successes and strategy develops to maintain growth.

Authentic Participation

School Care Team staff help you identify influencers and champions of change by bringing diverse voices to the conversation.

Students are #1 and should be at the discussion table.


More interest means more support which leads to lasting results.

Outcome: Staff and students realize that everyone is responsible for all educational success.

Increase Capacity

Create a culture of care.  The School Care Team offers support and encouragement through coaching and touch-base meetings.

The Team can help you collect data and review feedback. 

The goal here is to increase buy-in through strengthening culture and climate.

Outcome: Students and teachers experience increased success. Community partners realize the importance of emotional health in education. 

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