The School Care Team offers evidence-based programs, along with customized presentations backed by science and created by educators. We partner with state and local agencies so that you know we present material that is current and practical. 

Sources of Strength is a culture-building program based on hope and healing. Students and adults create a network of care within schools so that every student can identify a trusted adult or peer to connect with when experiencing a crisis or need.

Wellness Recovery Action Planning

WRAP® is a wellness approach that helps people to:

1. Decrease and prevent intrusive or troubling feelings and                    behaviors

2. Increase personal empowerment

3. Improve the quality of life

4. Achieve their own life goals and dreams.

School Care Team members deliver the course to junior and senior high school students in academic health classes. The course runs for 7 weeks. 

Restorative Practices

Restorative approaches are all about building community and strengthening relationships. Restorative approaches are based on the idea that when we feel part of a supportive community, we respect others in that community and become accountable to each other. 

Crisis Protocol Review

The School Care Team reviews your current suicide and crisis protocol, develops a new plan or offers revisions, then trains your staff and faculty so that every adult on campus understands and knows how to respond in the event of a mental health emergency. Prevention, intervention, and postvention are vital elements to creating a safe and supportive culture. Our plan includes the development of a Wellness Response Team which inserts a positive approach to supporting students and adults in crisis. 

QPR: Question, Persuade, Refer

QPR can be learned in the Gatekeeper course in as little as one hour.

Basic life-saving skills are expected requirements for many professions. QPR is a similar life-saving skill set that should be learned and practiced.

Mindset Reset

Mindset Reset is a program delivered by School Care Team members in elementary and middle school classrooms. Four presentations introduce strengths-based concepts of self-management and care:

  1. Regulating Big Emotions

  2. Communication and Connection

  3. Respecting Boundaries

  4. Discovering Personal Value

Connecting Teachers

Wellness for teachers means wellness for students!

Teacher Cafes allow staff to discuss challenges using a productive    forum. Our online platform keeps teachers connected.