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Our Vision

Our Values

We are passionate about promoting empathy, acceptance, and community.
We are dedicated to identifying and leveraging unique and collective strengths.
We are skilled at providing professional, adaptable, and customized service.
We are purposeful about anticipating needs and continuous improvement.
We are committed to nurturing wellbeing, restoration, and collaboration.

Our Key Focus Areas

  • Providing a workplace for dedicated professionals in which they can reach their full potential to impact the world for the greater good

  • Supporting educators through Teacher Café and Connecting Teachers

  • Empowering students through WRAP and Mindset Reset

  • Promoting mental health through Sources of Strength and QPR

  • Building capacity through an expanded service area and program menu that includes customized training for youth-supporting organizations

  • Developing additional programs such as Restorative Practices and Bridging Differences

Values and Vision

"We envision schools where connection, community, and hope are the norm for everyone."

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